Get Hitched (Hard Rock Roots Book 9) music

WARNING: This book contains a-hole rockstars, hard rock music, drama, steamy sex, FBI raids, blood, drugs, partying, clubs, cursing, cursing, and more cursing, true love, tour buses, concerts, and a rocker wedding. Oh, and a pregnant rocker chick.

GET HITCHED (Hard Rock Roots #9) – this is a 300+ page full-length novel in the bestselling rockstar romantic suspense series from C.M. Stunich. The first book, REAL UGLY, is free on Amazon!

Complete and absolute utter f*cking chaos.
The posters might call it "Hard Rock Roots", but that's the real name of our tour.
Ten cities. Twenty nights. A million ways to die.
But the music, we're all slaves to it; we couldn't fight it if we tried.
Sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll. It's all here, baby. But so is the blood, the death, the heroes, the villains, the FBI, the weddings, the end…and a new beginning.
Gritty, dark, dirty, f*cked-the-h*ll-up.
That's who we are.
But we're also lovers, fighters, and survivors.
We are Amatory Riot and Indecency.
We…are rockstars.